Just a girl who loves food and is looking to create the foods we only ever used to dream of!

Welcome to Fat Girl Food

Welcome to Fat Girl Food!  Lets just knock the obvious out…No I don’t mean that in an offensive way at all.  It’s a saying between me and my mom anytime I send her pictures of all of the indulgent food I partake in.  Admittedly, as a baby, I was quite the butterball and have carried a love for food my entire life.  My husband Wes and I currently live in New Orleans, Louisiana, and as you can imagine, it has become a food lovers dream.  I was inspired to create Fat Girl Food as a way to recreate foods I have eaten, share tasty dishes from around the world and just make fun food!  I hope you enjoy our journey and will join us along the way!  We have so many tasty things in store!

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