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Black Tap Cake Shake Review

Black Tap Cake Shake Review

Recently, I was watching Travel Channel’s Food Paradise and the foods featured on this particular episode were those based around comfort foods.  As the various restaurants and dishes rolled across my screen, I was captivated b a fancy milkshake that lit up my screen instantly.  Affectionately named the Cake Shake, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer creates not only visually appealing milkshakes but also some pretty tasty ones.  How do I know that the shakes are tasty?  Just days later, Wes and I were walking though the Venetian in Las Vegas and out of the corner of my eye I spotted one of their instantly recognizable shakes!  Although I thought the milkshakes were cool, I didn’t take the time to look up Black Tap’s locations (NYC was featured on the show)  to know that I would have the opportunity to try one.  One night we went to try the burgers and honestly, I was underwhelmed but too full to try a milkshake.  We went back a couple of days later to get a shake and as soon as the server set it down in front of us, so many thoughts rushed though my head!  Right in front of me sat a Funfetti (or their version) cake proudly sitting atop the sprinkle covered glass filled with a deliciously mild flavored birthday cake milkshake.  It was like getting two deserts in one! 

There may be more to the back story than the actual milkshake but it was a real treat.  The shake brought back so much nostalgia for me and remembering making the Funfetti cake once in a blue moon growing up took me back to my childhood.  I quickly snapped back to reality when the bill came for $17 for a single milkshake but in this instance, it was worth every penny.  That snap back to reality also made me feel like I could recreate this unique desert easily and affordably.  Check out my next post which will be accompanied by my debut YouTube video recreating a Funfetti Cake Shake inspired desert.


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