The Breakfast Klub Houston Review

A Houston brunch institution is hands down The Breakfast Klub.  This Midtown restaurant is well-known throughout Houston as well as the country for serving up breakfast to long lines of people who wrap around the building anxiously waiting to order.  I will say, upon walking up to the building around 9am on a Saturday morning, everything was very unsuspecting.  There was only about 4 people waiting outside and right outside the door was a table that had a stack of menus.  At first, I wasn’t going to grab a menu since I figured I would just look at it when I sat at our table.  Glad I didn’t do that! Once you get inside the door, you go ahead and place your order at the register and are given a number.  Now this is the interesting part….the seating is first come, first serve.  In a restaurant that was as busy as this one, it could cause some serious anxiety.  Thank goodness it was just me and Wes and we were able to find a table right in the front window.  One of my biggest food pet peeves is when the food comes out at different times and that exactly what happened but I looked past it hungrily awaiting to taste this highly sought-after breakfast.  Unfortunately, that is the climax of this story.  I opted for the biscuits and gravy while Wes chose the ever popular chicken and waffles.

I must admit, I do consider myself a biscuit and gravy connoisseur. No matter where I go, if I see it on a menu, I have to order it.  After eating my fair share of biscuits and gravy, I know why I like.  Upon first look of my plate, I was surprised that the pieces of sausage were so large rather than more crumbled.   This isn’t a trigger to most people but it made my plate look like it was topped with kibbles and bits and ultimately, made me not really want to eat the sausage.  Moving to the bulk of the meal, I readily put a nice sized piece of biscuit (which was soft and fluffy) and a heaping of gravy of my fork and shoved it in my mouth.  At first bite, I was amazed at the amount of salt I could taste!  Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and buttery, but the most dominant flavor was straight up salt.  I finished up my plate (less the sausage) and decided to nibble off Wes’ plate (which he received right as I was finishing up).  His waffle was light, soft and not too sweet. But his chicken, much like my gravy was super salty.  I hate that the signature dish the serve I just can’t recommend.  Someone in the kitchen was just a little too heavy-handed with the salt on the morning we went.  It completely overshadowed the potential flavors of what we ordered.

Have you been to The Breakfast Klub?!?  What did you order and what did you think of it?!?  Leave a comment below!



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